IBAN discrimination and how can I report this?

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IBAN discrimination and how to report it?

Hey đź‘‹

Our job here at MoneeMInt to empower you to be free and make your life easy. This is why we provide you extra security, easy and fast processes and fast support. But recently the industry has seen a lot of cases of IBAN Discrimination, we started receiving more and more cases of IBAN discrimination.

This happens especially when businesses in the EU refuse to accept your IBAN because they need an IBAN from the country they’re based in. This kind of discrimination is actually illegal.

That’s why we join Wise, Klarna, N26, SumUp, Starling, Bunq and Revolut in a fight against “IBAN discrimination”. And you can help us!

How can I help?

If you’re experiencing IBAN discrimination, you can report your case on this platform: https://www.acceptmyiban.org/

Once you report the case there, we’ll do the job for you by passing your report to the responsible authorities. No need to think about which form you should choose, and all kinds of hassle, we handle it for you! 🙌

Know your rights

Like any other IBAN provided by a bank within the SEPA region (Single Euro Payment Area), your MoneeMint IBAN should be accepted by merchants or employers, since European countries have agreed on this simplified IBAN system to facilitate international transfers within Europe.

This simply means that if merchants or employers don’t want to accept your IBAN because of its country code, length or any other reason, they are violating European law as of 1 February 2016 (Article 9 of Regulation No 260/2012) and doing what we call IBAN discrimination.

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