The Freshest Banking Experience Since... Now



We are creating a banking experience like never before

Fresh like the flavour of mint, an experience that reimagines how you think about banking. A bank built for your smartphone architected around your lifestyle. Built on the foundations of socially responsible banking and cutting-edge technology, we bring to you, digital financial services that are intelligent, unique and most important refreshingly delightful.


We are innovating by creating cool products and features to make banking fun


We are creating the freshest banking experience since...NOW!


Secure banking for peace of mind


Shariah compliant and ethical - We do not compromise on your beliefs.


Never be out of pocket for your next holiday!

Keep track of your spending with our smart budget tool which allows you to create your monthly budget and track your spending in real-time. With our Open Banking tool launching soon, you can even connect to your other accounts in a matter of clicks

Security at your fingertips

We ensure your banking experience is the most secure experience ever. By using the state of the art technology, you can be rest assured your money is secure with MoneeMint

Monitor transactions in real time

With our real-time balance updates, you can be sure to know where and when your card has been used and monitor any suspicious transactions so you can take appropriate action!

Card Controls

Forget calling your bank to replace your card, now you can check your pin, freeze your card, block certain functions on your card and order a new card right from within the MoneeMint app!​

The user experience you can't say no to

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MoneeMint is coming soon to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Sign up to our waitlist below and be the first to try out the freshest banking experience since....NOW!